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  • denali princess lodge

    Denali Princess Lodge

  • brown jug

    Brown Jug Store, Fairbanks

  • holiday store

    Holiday Store, Fairbanks

  • pet stuff store

    Battalion HQ construction

  • princess lodge construction

    Princess Lodge under construction

Founded in 1981 by company owner and President Jeff Alling.Alcan has taken on progressively more challenging projects. Perhaps no other project exemplifies our willingness to go the extra mile more than the Denali Princess Hotel project, which was completely destroyed by fire on March 23, 1996. We were asked to do the seemingly impossible by rebuilding this facility in time for reopening before May 13th, the start of the summer tourist season, and under extremely hostile weather conditions. Nonetheless, Alcan and its subcontractors performed an incredible job, and 44 days after receiving a notice to proceed, we turned over a brand new facility to the owner.

Alcan Builders is a 34 year Fairbanks–based general contractor, skilled at commercial and government projects ranging from $100k to $25M. Our management and core staff has over 72 years of Alaskan construction experience. Alcan’s relatively small size allows us to be extremely efficient, thus able to quickly respond to changing conditions, yet we are able to effectively marshal sufficient resources to complete projects of significant magnitude. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer satisfaction.

We appreciate you considering Alcan Builders for your next commercial construction building project