Alcan Builders, Inc. is well versed in design build construction. We excel at fast-track ground up construction on government installations, providing quality work, within budget, and on time. Over the years, Alcan has built healthy relationships with multiple design teams, local architects and engineers. These relationships enable us to provide our customers with the latest technology, and most efficient, cost-effective product possible.



As a long-standing local Alaskan general contractor and small business, Alcan Builders has completed numerous government projects in Alaska’s interior.

With USACE partnership, our firm successfully completed FTW 374B – Battalion Headquarters with Classrooms at Fort Wainwright, AK in the fall of 2016. In addition, Alcan is on track to wrap up the USACE-managed NOAA Power House Addition project in Fox, Alaska. We understand the complexities of MILCON projects and proactively approach staffing, safety, quality control and customer satisfaction.


Alcan Builder’s policy requires that the safety and health performance of its employees and tier subcontractors be essential in every aspect of the company’s activities. Our safety plan is designed to provide ongoing instruction to Alcan employees in an effort to foster and maintain current standards of safety and health.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Alcan Builders constructed the 20,000 SF Fairbanks Satellite Operations Facility used to track weather satellites. The building consisted of a complex state of the art computer room, offices, restrooms, and a conference room.

AANG Valdez Antenna Tower & Base

Alaska Army National Guard contracted Alcan to install an owner supplied antenna tower in Valdez, AK. We erected the base and tower and completed the project on time and under budget. This is one of many projects we have performed for the Army National Guard and Air National Guard.

Outstanding work. The AKANG was very satisfied with this project.


Alcan Builders showed a lot of tenacity in the execution of this project and overcoming many growing pains in meeting our construction contract requirements.

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